Should you buy grass fed or conventional beef?

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To be honest, buy whatever you can afford…

Grass-fed is what we should be eating since it can cure our beloved planet through regenerative farming which mimics the natural cycle Mother Nature put in place eons ago. Regenerative farming uses cattle on pasture to enrich biodiversity of the soil and allow it to be more fertile and sequester more carbon.

Think about it, the more carbon that the soil gets to sequester there will be less carbon in the atmosphere… Genius, right? Nature is smart, guys! Elon Musk just invested serious money into “carbon capture tech” when nature already has the technology and it’s called cow poop.

Cattle on pasture is something mundane to the average person but now we know that this little mundane situation is a big part of our planet carbon cycle which today is completely overlooked.

By practicing regenerative farming, we mimic nature’s beautiful cycle. Deserts can return to grasslands! It’s been shows again and again that farms can make their soils more fertile and able to sequester more carbon by converting to this way of farming.

Regenerative farms’ soils have been shown to sequester more carbon from the atmosphere than they produce. Neighboring farms who practice conventional farming destroy their top soil and turn some beautiful places like Babylon’s high gardens into deserts. This is called Desertification and it’s spreading at a rapid rate around the globe. (source: Savory Institute)

With that said, yes! Grass fed beef is the only option that SHOULD be available but since our world is not perfect, we also have what we infamously call “conventional raised beef” which means the cows have been fed grains and grain derivatives at the end of their life to fatten them up and give the sought out marbling we see in store bought steaks today. Cows aren’t kept in feed lots their entire life, like most believe; they spend the majority of their life on grass.

As far as nutrients go, reports have come out analyzing the nutrient difference between grass-fed and conventional showing that they are very similar.

Cows and other ruminant animals have what I call a “miraculous digestive system”. They can turn the most nutrient poor foods (grass and grains) and turn into fat and protein for us.

With the help of their 4 stomachs and the bacteria that resides there they can bioaccumulate nutrients from their nutrient poor diet which then gives us the most nutrient dense food on the planet.

The best book we’ve read lately on this subject has the perfect name of “Sacred Cow”. It teaches us about well raised meat and the implications in our health and the health of our planet. It’s a great read and we highly recommend it to all types of eaters! (Documentary also available with the same name, but as always the film doesn’t make justice to the many important points discussed in the book!)

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