Carb Up Days

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No whole foods are off the table forever!

When you first start your health journey it feels like you have to restrict a lot. While we always encourage to think from a mindset of abundance at the beginning you do have to remove certain foods to kick off.

What most don’t realize is that these WHOLE foods (we need to emphasize this distinction, carbage is gone for LIFE) can be introduced back into your diet.

The goal of our Modern Caveman 12-week program is to get you metabolically flexible; this means that our bodies can switch back and forth between using fat or sugar for fuel. When you’re able to get your body to this level of flexibility you experience healing and energy that you never knew was possible!

To get there, we need to restrict some whole foods; but it’s only for a limited time. Once your body has reached this level of flexibility we can use whole carbs strategically.

We’ve been using carbs to move in and out of ketosis to keep our bodies and metabolism constantly working. We’ve even timed the use of carbs to sync with Rae’s cycle so we can utilize them to support her further.

When we have our carb up days we love to have sweet potato fries, berry smoothies, different fruits, and we even have paleo desserts!

So don’t fret, carbs are not the enemy and they play a part in our health! At the beginning, it’s crucial to limit them; but it’s not forever!

If you want help to become metabolically flexible, send us a message!

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