The Issue with the #1 Weightloss Method

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The #1 method that weightloss coaches use to get their clients results is… drum roll…


The idea is simple and it makes sense…

Whatever you eat should be in a caloric deficit of what you put out. Simple math, right?

You use X amount of calories/day then you are allowed to eat Y calories/day.

This method provides fast results and it allows you to eat whatever you want, as long as you’re within that calorie deficit.

But if only our bodies were as simple as basic math… and we’re here to tell you that it’s not!

Shocked? I hope not, but at the same time, some may be because they believe wholeheartedly that calorie restriction works.

Calorie restriction will get fast results but it will not get you sustainable results.

The truth is, calorie restriction can work for weightloss and it often does. But, many typically can’t keep up with it long term…they’re always hungry and tired. If you’re experiencing fatigue, pain, skin issues, gut pain, headaches, etc… calorie restriction is not going to help.

Raise of hands, how many of you have tried calorie restricting diets and failed?

It’s not your fault and it’s not because you don’t have willpower…

By restricting calories you likely aren’t getting enough nutrients in your diet. This results in continuous hunger, loss in bone density, irregular hormone levels, brain fog, fatigue and other symptoms…in other words, NOT SUSTAINABLE for a typical human being.

Our program focuses on creating a sustainable eating plan for you that does not leave you hungry.

A diet program that doesn’t mean I have to starve myself? Who knew it existed??

Our goal is to get you relief of these and many other symptoms sustainably. This ensures that you are able to maintain your results long after our program is complete.

We just wrapped up our most recent group coaching program and we are floored by the results of our clients since starting with us 12 weeks ago…

One client boasted he’s

– Down 40 lbs
– Knee pain is gone
– No longer needs to go to the doctor for a CPAP
– He has freedom from his food
– He feels in control of his body
– He has more time for his life

Another client

– Reached her goal weight after a year of trying on her own
– Is the leanest since high school
– She dropped 2 cup sizes and 2 pant sizes
– Is now working out consistently and excited to keep going
– She’s using this momentum to set another goal for herself

And one more client…

– Drastically improved her mental health
– Her anxiety levels have decreased so much her coworkers even noticed
– She looks radiant and healthy
– Can handle situations better in her high-stress work
– She’s more attuned to her body and what makes her feel good!

All of these results are done without calorie counting and restricting!

Weight loss is not a caloric issue! Read more about that here.


Calorie Restriction can work in the short term. It’s not sustainable due to the constant hunger that many face due to not getting enough nutrients in the restricted diet. You can heal and lose weight without calorie restriction! Read more about that here.

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