Your Poor Family Health History Is Not Your Destiny!

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We want to talk about something that is a big mental block for a lot of people.

If your family has a long history of chronic illness then you might be thinking:

“well, it’s only a matter of time for me…”

Or ” it doesn’t matter what I do, the odds are stacked against me.”

Or … “Heart disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc… are my inevitable future, there’s nothing I can do about it”

Or maybe you’re just genuinely worried and you don’t know what to do about it…

Here’s the deal… yes, while having these items in your family history and in your genetics are not ideal…


Have you guys ever heard of Epigenetics?

Gui explains it as this:

Think of Genetics as a grand piano. Your fingers are the Epigenetics, so they’re things like

– Sleep
– Stress
– Environment
– Diet
– etc…

All of your fingers are playing keys that are working together to play the piano. There are tons of keys on the piano but only a few of them are played at a time… this results in certain outcomes for your body.

What does this mean? While yes, you have a family history of obesity or heart disease… Your environment and your actions can “edit” those genetics.

Let’s get real here.

Many use their genetics as a cop out. They use it as an excuse to live however they want. This usually means in comfort… In comfort of food, in comfort of drinking, in comfort of being lazy….

Gui and I have Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Cancer within our family’s genetics. We are not using it as an excuse to sit around and wait for it to arrive for us. We CHOOSE to fight these genetics with epigenetics. We are eating right, exercising, stressing our bodies properly and sleeping!

We don’t have time for diseases like Diabetes or Alzheimer’s to come and slow us down. We have a life to live, people to love and places to see.

Stop using your genetics as an excuse.

If you have confusion around what you need to do to avoid your family’s health history.

Let’s talk!

** Stop the confusion around what you should be eating and let’s hit your health goals.
** Learn how to fight your family history
** Increase your energy and decrease your aches/pain
** FEEL Healthy

Here’s the link to set up a Free Discovery Call with us

What happens in a Discovery call is we learn about you and your health goals, We give you actionable steps to take immediately and then we discuss if we are a good fit to work together.

As always, we limit the spaces in our Modern Caveman group program to make sure everyone gets the attention they need, so don’t wait…. =)


Just because you have a family history of disease doesn’t mean that it’s your destiny. By manipulating your epigenetics which are your environment, sleep, stress, diet, etc… you can “edit” those genetics. Don’t fall into the trap that genetics are your destiny.

Schedule a free Discovery call with us to learn how to fight your family’s genetics, increase your energy and decrease your aches/pain.

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