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Welcome health seekers to Rewind! (formerly True Health Coaching)

My name is Rachael, you’ll hear from me a lot as I handle the operations and I’m also the mindset coach for our clients! I was Gui’s first client and guinea pig. I knew we needed to create Rewind when he helped with my monthly migraines, weight gain, daily fatigue, brain fog, gut issues, etc… all things that I thought were normal as i was starting to age (this was in my early 30s! SMH)

The backbone and meat (heh!) behind our company is none other than my partner in life and business, Gui (pronounced Ghee, isn’t that so perfect?).

Gui is a Certified Health Coach and has worked in healthcare for 8+ years.

He became passionate about nutrition when he healed himself of daily fatigue and aches. He experienced the late afternoon slump that we all have felt at one point or another. He was constantly in a fog at work and it was hard for him to focus. English is his third language and he found that it was getting harder for him to remember words. When it was time to leave work and go to the gym, he had to muster up what little energy he had left to get his workout down. Only to start the next day again, completely tired and fogged. A vicious cycle he seemed to be trapped in.

He had a feeling that this couldn’t be the way his life was supposed to be. After tons of research and learning from scientists and functional medicine doctors, he was able to heal himself of his daily struggles. He now has consistent energy throughout his day. After 10 hour workdays, he is eager to get to the gym where he spends HOURS because he now has the energy for it. During his afternoon meetings, he looks around the room and sees everyone dozing off with heavy eyelids, while he is wide awake and focused. 

He felt the superpowers of his body running at optimal levels every day.

As he studied further, he learned how miseducated our society is on nutrition and he witnesses the direct results of that misinformation with the countless unnecessary surgeries & prescriptions that are given daily where he works.

With the creation of Rewind he hopes to help people reduce or eliminate symptoms and get people feeling so good they no longer need costly prescriptions and/or surgery. (Approval of doctor always needed)

We formed Rewind to bring you, your family, the community the true information around our health in hopes to keep you out of the hospital. We also aim to help those who have developed a chronic illness by reducing or even eliminate symptoms by addressing the root cause. Each week, we will educate, train and coach you through these struggles so that you can…

  • Reduce your symptoms
  • Live a truly healthier lifestyle
  • Give your body the right fuel to protect yourself and your family from disease
  • Have energy to be with your family and friends
  • Clear brain fog so you can kill it at work
  • Finally understand the truth behind nutrition

Are you excited to finally have the fog lifted around nutrition? How about to heal your body from chronic symptoms and illness using only food?

We have tons of value coming your way!

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TLDR: We created Rewind after we healed ourselves of various chronic symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, migraines, etc… When we learned about all of the miseducation that was taught to us and how it directly affects our health we knew we have to create Rewind. Sign up for our blogs to get education and tips directly to your inbox!

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