10 Tools to Break a Stall (Plateau)

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 When we first change our diet, we often times get rewarded pretty quickly when we start losing those inches. The sun is shining, your clothes fit better, your moods are starting to improve, and you feel like you’re on the path to hitting your goals!

And then…The inches haven’t improved in a couple weeks, a month, two months…you start doubting what you’re doing, confusion and doubt starts creeping in! What’s happening?? What am I doing wrong? How come I’m not progressing anymore??

Well, you may be experiencing a stall! It doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is wrong, but you may need to level up to the next stage of your health goals.

We outlined some strategies you can try if you’re experiencing a stall.

  1. Keep Going!
    • Consistency is key
    • Results and healing are not linear! You’re going to hit peaks, valleys, and plateaus…it’s totally normal!
    • Don’t get hit with shiny object syndrome
  2. Reduce Dairy and Keto treats
    • 70% of the population is sensitive to dairy!
    • Keto treats using alternative sweeteners, sugar alcohols, flours, etc… will hinder your progress at some point!
    • Keto treats are meant to be a stepping stone to wean us off sugar, but they’re not ideal for long term use!
  3. Eliminate or Reduce Alcohol
    • Whenever alcohol is consumed you’re putting your progress on hold until the alcohol clears your body
  4. Start Intermittent Fasting
    • Do your research first!
    • Fasting is not a free for all and can bite you in the butt (especially if you’re a woman practicing extended fasting)
  5. Track Your Food
    • This helps to find hidden sugars and carbs
    • You don’t know what you don’t know!
    • You only really know how much you’re consuming when you start tracking
  6. Try Carnivore
    • It’s the ultimate elimination diet/cleanse
    • There are many variations of Carnivore! If you’re interested in it, email us!
  7. Increase Workouts
    • Try HIIT
    • Reduce cardio workouts
    • Focus on weights
  8. Reduce stress/Cortisol
    • If you’re highly stressed your results will be hindered!
    • Start a Meditation practice – We use the Insight Timer app!
    • Practice breathing exercises! There’s a physical response when you practice deep breathing and it’s quite an amazing tool to reset your mind and manage stress throughout your day
  9. Increase sleep
    • Poor sleep habits will also hinder your results
    • Create good sleeping habits and a bedtime routine
  10. Hire a professional
    • Navigating the health and nutrition space takes a lot of research and effort.
    • Finding a professional that you resonate with will expedite results
    • Having someone hold you accountable keeps you in check
    • Having a cheerleader, or someone on your side will boost your efforts

The most important thing is to not lose hope and get discouraged! As you can see there’s a ton of tools at your disposal to break a stall. Like the first bullet says, our healing journey is not linear, we have to test on ourselves and see what works. You’ll find something that works for you, and then you may hit another stall and have to try something else.

Don’t give up, keep going and keep testing! If you want some guidance in your journey send us an email at hello@rewindyournutrition.com


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