Eat Healthy on a Budget

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We often get asked, “how do you afford to eat the way you do?”

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to be complicated. We just finished a month of strict carnivore and ate only red meat as a complete reset for our guts. You cannot get simpler than that and we had a couple of ways to keep the cost down.

In reality though, when you eat meat especially red meat you cannot eat that much. Have you ever tried to overeat on steak? It’s impossible! This is a big reason why this way of eating can be affordable. You just eat less.

While we always encourage everyone to eat grass-fed and finished meat, we know that’s not always possible. Nutritionally there’s not much difference between grass-fed and conventional red meat. So, do what you can.

  1.  Use a pressure cooker or slow cooker to use on cheaper cuts of meat
    1. Chuck roasts, cross rib roasts, and top round roasts are super cheap
    2. Sometimes you can even get them on sale which drastically drops the cost of your nutritious meal
  2. Eat offalOffal is extremely cheap and packed with nutrients
    1. Be brave and branch out
  3. Buy in bulk
    1. Costco and our freezer are our friends here
    2. To get ribeyes at half the price, we buy an entire prime rib roast and cut it into steaks
  4. Invest in a cow
    1. Purchasing a cow from your local farmer can be around $4.99/lb!
    2. An entire cow can feed a small family for 1 year!

There are many ways to save money while eating healthy. You don’t need all of the fancy shakes, powders, and supplements nor the variety of food we’ve all been taught.

ALL of the nutrients that are essential for a thriving human can be found in eating nose to tail. This is an absolute fact!

And now you can do it on a budget as well.

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