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The idea of going completely sugar free sounds so daunting, but what many don’t realize is that there are tools that we can utilize to help us on this journey! Alternative natural sweeteners are an amazing tool to use while you’re on your journey toward sugar free!

The use of alternatives sweeteners to substitute sugar has increased a lot since we learned the harmful addictive effects of sugar and its insulin impact that can result in insulin resistance the underlying cause of most chronic illnesses. The overall insulin response can be greatly mitigated when using natural alternative sweeteners.

Our favorite natural sweeteners are below in ranking order:

  • Stevia
    • Stevia is our favorite and the one that wins every test, study, comparison etc… it shows no insulin response when ingested
  • Erythritol
    • Erythritol comes second and shows similar results to insulin response as stevia. For some people it can cause some stomach issues
  • Monkfruit
    • Monkfruit wins third here because while most studies show no insulin response, other studies show a delayed insulin response after ingesting it without blood sugar impact. Which is a weird concept to think about so in my mind the jury is still out for Monkfruit.
  • Allulose
    • Allulose has health benefits you won’t find in the other 3 natural sweeteners. Allulose can improve your insulin sensitivity, help burn fat, and may protect your liver. The only reason Allulose comes in last place is because so little is known about it and more tests and studies are needed. It’s also really expensive!

Of course, there are sweeteners out there that you should definitely stay away from. These sweeteners are not natural and they actually cause more harm than good. They’re chemically produced and mixed with toxic ingredients. Some even lead to diabetes which is the whole point of not having sugar! So, stay away from these brands and ingredients:

  • Splenda (Sucralose)
  • Equal (Aspartame)
  • Sweet-n-Low (Saccharin)

It’s important to note, that alternative natural sweeteners are meant to be used as a stepping stone. In other words, we’re not trying to replace one addiction for another. These alternative sweeteners will eventually stall your progress, so it’s best not to rely on them too heavily.

But, they’re definitely better than eating actual sugar.

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